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  • KeyPoint  are Real Estate Strategists with a combined 60 years experience in property development, construction, marketing and sales over a range of asset classes.
  • Our team brings specialist expertise across many market segments.
  • Blended with our trusted professional resources as well as the experience gained from developing various projects, our  team works with our varied clients to achieve the ethical development of real estate within Australia.
  • This wealth of knowledge has been used to create 14 unique development programs to assist clients ranging from sophisticated investors, experienced developers to first time developers who have little experience in the industry.
      • Real estate buyers, sellers, developers and investors can find significant value in these programs.
      • A critical element of the KeyPoint programs is the manner the unique strategies identify financial and other risks in advance and we structure business plans to individually manage and mitigate that risk. This strategy maximises the development potential at the lowest acquisition and development risk level.
      • Our unique systems use the various silos of Investors / Syndicates ; Property Purchasers [on and off shore]; and Property Buyers;
      • The program offers particular value to real estate agents who can collaborate with KeyPoint to create a development package that enables the best outcome for their vendors.


At KeyPoint our business is founded on a bedrock principal that all dealings with our clients, by our agents, brokers, employees and management conform to Code of Ethics and related codes of conduct. Transparency of transaction, and honesty, is an environment that is part of the KeyPoint Ethos when vendors and purchasers are offered the use of our unique property programs.