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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the third 3D game in the GTA-series by 80 Action Vice City 90 hip-hop world of violence and hooded gangsters.

You play as Carl Johnson returns to his home in Los Santos after five years. Much has changed over the years, Carl and kits for obtaining reputatsiyai influencehis band back. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas game is classic GTA - cut tons of movie scenes, many different missions and mini-games distributed tekotslobodna developing world sand.

What sets GrandTheft Auto: San Andreas largest of the rock. This is a very ambitious in excellent condition, threemajor cities and some villages. The company is huge, and there are many people to make ends meet. History, rags-to-riches stories can be mass original aleЁn better talk with great action and very memorable and fun characters. radio perfectly, with a great mix of muzika90’sfunny ads.

There are places where Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be a disappointment to some. avtamabilivёski racing can be very dangerous, for example, and build lung Carl swimming underwater lasts too long. Some of the missions a bit annoying too, but they CAB shadow of the best momentsthe game and the size of the joke may be roaming in the country enjoying adsaytav and create chaos!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas milestone in the sand games. It is very cruel and games for adults, and while he played the shortcomings to the overall success and udovletvoreniemozhete have pretty gameinvincible.