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Folder Lock 7 Folder Lock 7 download

Folder Lock 7 Virus free

Folder Lock 7

Folder Lock is an excellent, comprehensive program block folder.
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If you have files and folders that you want to keep a secret, you should check the Lock Folder. This is not a free app like My Lockbox, but has excellent configuration options and many ways to save importantand confidential documents away from prying eyes.

LikeThis it works?

Folder Lock gives you some możliwości.Po Firstly, it is integrated with Windows Explorer, so if there is a file or folder that you want to lock, simply find it and right-click.Thus, you will havethe ability to block or destroy. When you open the program interface, you’ll have plenty of options, including the ability to lock and encrypt files, protect USB drives, CD and DVD-drives and encrypt e-mail attachments.

What other features are there?

Folder Lock isnaprawdęelastyczny program and offers much more than just locking folders. You can also create encrypted virtual wallets to keep things as addresses and dadenyhbankavskaya business, and make backup copies of all of the encrypteddata in the cloud. parametersLock Folder configuration and comprehensive and, of course, protected by a password.

general opinion

Folder Lock is a great program. There are many free applications blokującychtam folder, but not many of ihnekalki functions and ease of use that.
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Folder Lock is an excellent protection folder. I recommend heartily.