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Dark Blue World CRFF 2017

Dark Blue World (CRFF) has flown to the British Air Force, pilot Franta Slama (Ondrej Vetchý) finds himself imprisoned in a labor camp totalitarian post World War II, as `betraying` country. SVERAK pengarahJan rewinding award brings us back to the time Protégé VOJTISEK Franta and the younger Karel (Kryštof Kadek) fled Nazi party Czechoslovakia to join the Air Force to fight the German. Disappointment and are not allowed to fly to the enemy so that silamaaaringBerbahasaEnglish and RAF Re: integrity of their training, parents and children a strong bond between Franta and Karel rapid development.
http://pohoryzont24.pl/?p=2243 After three months of training, they will eventually be sent to the battle, but the pressure of war, with their love for the English lady, married, trying their strong friendship. “Dark Blue World” is about love, friendship and sacrifice perasaannostalgia classic Hollywood movies and other background history of World War II. Frantz 2016 Full

Languages: Czech

Classification: P13

GeneralRelease Date: March 9, 2017

Genre: Drama

Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

Availability: Film Festival organizers

Cast: Ondrej herbs, Kryštof deck, Rybov Linda, Tara Fitzgerald, Oldrich Kaiser

Director: Jan SVERAK

Format: 2D