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Billy Lynn s Long Halftime Walk

Ang Lee won an Oscar twice for such a long journey Halftime Billy Lynn ‘s, based on the novel widely recognized, best-seller. The film is 19-year-old man from the perspective of the private Billy John (Joe stranger Alwyn), that were with the soldiers in the squad seucompa├▒eiros Well done, man was made after the time of the crime of the war in Iraq and carried into the house, and is the price of victory. Through flashbacks, which will culminate in a football game in the middle of the spectacular action in concerts, which have actually taken place, contrary to perception in the filmototkriva team-of the wars of America ‘s. Steve also Stewart, Garrett Hedlund football bow Vin Diesel movie film Chris Tucker Steve Martin. Lee to take up the use of new technology in the high frame rates no more: for the first in the history of the cinema, to create a digital experience imersivaexperiencia dramatize the war in the way of help, which no one before. Gas produced film directed, scripted by Christopher …