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Bombermaaan 1.4

Bombermaaan remake of the open source of the classic Bomberman was originally built in the 80s for the NES.

The best thing about the new version is that it respects the design, graphics, effects, sound and gameplay of the original nazvaniya.Bombermaaan see a character trapped inside a small namaze, explosives going to open the road and kill their opponents. As you progress through the levels, you will seeall sorts of bonuses that will help you on your mission: Special explosion, energy, speed, remote control bombs and so on.

Bombermaaan can playhanggang 5 people at a time using the keyboard or dzhoystiki.Ispolzovanie be found in the options menu. only 8 Bombermaaan level, but you can download the package with 150 additional levels of development of the website.

If you use the modern game, you’re sure to find Bombermaaannapaka limited.But for all our children 80 and played video games before, sweet way of his pleasure to recall the old days well.

BombermaaanKlassicheskaya Bomberman game back to life with faithful can be upgraded to 150 levels.