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Scratch 2 Offline

Scratching is a scientific and educational tool for young people to help them learn the basic concepts behind programming language.

By encouraging algorithmic thinking in its users, Scratch lets you create characters that which they can dance, sing, and each other, including other interesting events. Scratches basically a graphical programming language where encryption is much easier than in traditional programming languages. Scripting including sebyagraficheskie blocks together can klikAndaassembling a puzzle.

Additionally, you can create moving images and then animated in response to mouse movement. In addition to music videos or sound effects possible and relatively easy. While Scratch untukMaster take some time, it is because there are so many different functions in the hands than the real difficulties with the program itself.

posleVy completing a project from scratch, you can share in Scratch’swebsite. You can enter your project to other websites,such as Facebook.

Scratch is besarcara to encourage children to think critically and to create a unique program on your computer.