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Music Maker Jam Metro App 1

Music Maker Jam is a Windows 8 Metro application that allows you to quickly create your own songs without any musical knowledge.

It is not intended for experts. Music Maker Jam allows you to create tracks in three genres: dubstep, tech house and jazz. Each style is open-channel mixer up8, each offering a variety of sounds or instruments. There is a sequencer for controlling the harmonic progression of yoursong. You can add effects “on the fly” during performance of your song.

Music Maker Jam is makeYoulumikha songs in a matter of a few minutes, but this spontaneity has led to some serious limitations. It was very fun, but a small amount of sounds and samples means that you will quickly run out of inspiration. However, Music Maker Jam is a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to go about it.Music.

musicMaker Jam is better if you use a tablet with Windows 8, because it supports multi-touch, which gives you greater control over the music.

A great game for fun and a great introduction to making music on computers, musikaMaker Jam is a definite download for Windows.