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Fernbus Simulator 2016 Fernbus Simulator 2016 Windows 7/8/10 Torrent

Fernbus Simulator 2016 Virus free

Fernbus Simulator 2016

This is the first modeling extremely popular coaches German Autobahn. In conjunction with the free FlixBus Fernbus simulator trainer is intended to reflect in great detail, in everyday life Autobahn coach / German driver of the road as he endakatika city more than 40. With Fernbussimulator, you can experience life as it is lived every day and a large modern MAN Lions Coach / bus driver trucker.

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About FlixBusNyametskaya km from the Internet, and vileZaidi 40 German cities have been modeled. So an individual tour is not very long, while the simulatorIt is set to go at 1:10. You can navigate through a complex network of roads and highways in the various bus terminals in more than 40 cities, while iliyobakikatika in constant communication with the central office and bus / Coach. Accidents, congestion and construction sites challenge your roleas a bus driver, if you want to keep for a given time schedule.


lyudimabasiWamekuwa equipped with all the features found in the original cabins both outside and inside the tire modeled to the smallest detail. Fernbus simulator offers realistic atmosphereand original advertising and real cars. Buses to the simulator has been tested and optimizedhalisi when driving teachers and bus drivers.

If you ever wanted to ride on a train, Train Simulator 2017 offers an opportunity to do so in lichbavymmadelyavanne. You can choose from a varietyvarious engine and darozeklasika in France, Germany, Great Britain and other countries. the goal is to load and unload passengers, crashed destination on time and enjoy the scenery along the way.

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Nha mamizitreni in Train Simulator 2017 takeslittle getting used to. You can either take the driver’s seat in a taxi or use the control panel, which zyavlyaetstsau down the screen to focus on a third party. If you drive, you will be responsible for keeping the train on speed, but for a long chasuadrezki routewill be free to look around the landscape and check the interior of the train as long as you follow the signals. Last content includes new trains and new routes around the world.

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If you are interested in the idea of ​​driving the path of the train Train Simulator 2017tsikavy enjoyfrom experience. To find your favorite way to the engine, though, you have to buy some of the games DLC packs.