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Microsoft Office 2016 Microsoft Office 2016 64-Bit & 32-Bit FastDL download

Microsoft Office 2016 Virus free

Microsoft Office 2016

information Release

- Language: English (en-US)

- Channel: Volume License

- Version:

- Architecture k86 / k64

- Proofing Tools: English, French, Spanish

- Last Updated: November 8, 2016

The individual default settings (little modified by Oct - Making CenterOffice)

- Skip the license agreement

-Label - Office 2016 default decide to put all the shortcuts in the Start Menu folder WITHOUT spurted all on the menu.

installation configuration files included sveprečice Office 2016 rokuliuksi directory with Microsoft Office 2016 and Office tools subdirectories alatPeralatan

-The default setting Options- all programs and functions that standard Skype for business, except for * and ** Telemetry office - obviously, you can change all the setup options that you want

* Skype for Business (settingIt why not, and does not take to fix it as “option to update” fromMicrosoft Update)

Determination fact Skipezanemariti enterprises, whether tobusiness Skype PC client is installed or not.

If you choose to install Skype for business denganmemasang Microsoft Office, it will work through the setup wizard, Skype, which offers start Skype whenrun Windows, install Skype Click to Call, install Bing as a search engine and MSN as your home page, and then ask to sign.

There is bermulakekeliruan. What is the cause that I use? If vasizabrati Skype name and existing (personal / household) account to set up your computerto use two identities - Skype dliavash personal account and Skype for business and work. When you choose a Microsoft account, you will create a new Live ID e-mail with your work - then you probably do not want to work.

** Management telemetry (why can not share data)

Telemetry Dashboard displaysthe file name and the name of each document uses a new list, Koja organization may disclose personal information or confidential. Names upgrades and other decisions iakivikoristovuietsia Bureau also shown.

Telemetry Agent to collect inventory, usage, or other applicationsdata and try dovnIn share folder, where service processes known as telemetry processor and put in a SQL database. telemetry plate connects to the database, so it can show the Office file, additional irešenje.

bonus directory

- Before Uninstallers(Office 2016, 2013, 365, 2003, 2007, 2010)

- KMSpico + Tools Microsoft Final

- KlasichniiMeniu of office (2003 adds a toolbar and menu as well as Office 2016 g)

- Office Tab (add tabs in Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents)

- Mute / Restore ‘Login’ in the application of Office (Reg File)

- Mute / Restore Office,2016fail telemetry (r)

- ShellNevHandler (New Microsoft_ easily removed from Windows Explorer context menu of the document)


- Ks86:

- 64:


Microsoft removed the ability to lead a parallel version of Office zvipusk 2016.

Part installer will ask all the memindahkanmanathe previous version and avoid the work of the old components. Older versions of Outlook, Publisher 2013/2010 2016.

In other words, do not mix versions of Office.

You can use Microsoft Fikit Tools manually remove / delete / uninstall the previous version of Office (including bonus folder).

ovoperlumembuangall traces of Office system.

Update on the Microsoft Office 2016 Edition number

Unlike Click2Run TomRedaktsiia publication do not provide the update through your profile (File - Account - Update).

To update Office 2016 VL version, you mestiMenerima include updates for otherproducts from Microsoft Update, Windows Update.

system Requirements

- 64-bit version only works on 64-bit systems

- OS: Windows 10 Windows 10 SP1 + server, server 2012 R2 / 2012/2008 R2

- .NET Version: NET. Some functions may require or Windows NT, also installed


-remove All versionsranishevstanovlenoii using uninstallers available (bonus directory) to restart the computer if necessary

- Mountain / read / extract ISO files

- Post Office components

- Allow the use KMSpico (recommended) / Microsoft Toolkit

the choice

- Reg MergeDisablefile / rehabilitation telemetry Company in 2016 (into force after the restart machines)

- Join the Reg file Disable / Restore ‘Login’ in Office applications (will be effective after the restart machines)

- Set Classic Menu for Office / Office Tab

- Run ShellNevHandler (laknew membuangdokumen Microsoft_ from Windows Explorer context menu)