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Lightworks 12.5

Lightworks is the name of the software for nonlinear editing Editshare. He received the award because it is both challenging and can handle the format all the way from 4K to HD and SD format. The company established Lightworks has been in business for 25 years, and their professional softwarePag film editing high ratings on the Internet.

It is very difficult to program editing

Lightworksredahuvannya a fairly complex system that means you needWe pagsasanayat enough research before users can take full advantage of it. The interface is very komplikadongmay wide variety of tools and indicators condensed in one place. Films like Pulp Fiction and The Wolf of Wall Street editing program. The site has a series of guides explaining the house to vykorystovuvatysystema is the free version, you can gamitinngunit it is only free for seven days. If you buy apremium version unlocks all features are limited, which also means that it will take more ngmalayo format input and produces a wide variety of file types.

Conclusion - It’s hard to find a better editing program

chyVynais to create a video on YouTube, and Lightworks free seven-day program for you. If you want to create videos with high production values ​​and great editing, thenyou should opt for the paid version of editing. Hard to find, but very powerful atmay flexibility.