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Adobe AIR - Intermodal runtime system, it opens up more opportunities for development and regular computers.

Adobe AIR enables developers to create web applications using HTML, XML, Javascript and Flex. Moreover, they are not limited to using perpustakaanAdobe, but can create, share and use to create web applications for their own.

For users of Adobe AIR provides access to new and exciting applications Rich Internet (RIA), May bytRabotat from your desktop.They use very little memory, are usually quick to run and run and live very smoothly.

Visit the Adobe Showcase gallery, and you get an idea about the application, which can be developed for Adobe AIR: Set the Google Analytics reports, desktop Twitter client Film search engine and more. Of course, you can use an application that is not so good, but, thanks kepadaAdobe AIR, endless possibilities and creativity deystvitelnoZavisyat development.

AdobeAIR allows applications revolution by helping web designers and developers to create a wide range of web applications.


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