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Heroine Anthem Zero PLAZA

P, R, S, T, N, E-S, E,

Heroine Unknown (c) winking Entertainment

Date: 12/2016 Protection steam

Disc 1 Type: Rock

There is a 2D side scrolling action RPG heroine first Canon

Byrd found a series of classic DEMIGODDESS Sea

Starting in 2002, the slope series uneasily storytelling

Chinese gaming city. And now, 14 years later DEMIGODDESS

Byrd 2, Windthunder Studio released all of the new period

prequel to the fans moving adducampulchraworld

From a long time ago

tozaidienda information to:

1. Extract release

2. Mount ISO

3. Install the game

4. Copy the sound folder Plaza

5. Play!

General Notes

Grandfather of the game from the game rather not firewall blocking

tries to use Internet

If systemdrive install games, will

In this game for the right to run Admin

Pad - CPY - Enigma - wow

coming soon