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Hidden Figures 2016

a story about a group of African-American women mathematicians, who in the early years of the US space program plays an important role in NASA. When the United States threw themselves against the Soviet Union to put a man in space, NASA has discovered untapped talent among American mathematicians, who served as the brains behind one of the biggest operations in history. According to the remarkable true story about the life of three women, called “Human Computer”, kufuatawanawake these once rich and szeregachNASAin many senses of the wonderful history, whose work is vital calculations astronomer johnâ Glenna launched into circulation and to ensure its safe return. Dorothy Vaughan, Mary Jackson and Katherine Johnson crossed all gender, race and expertise, while their beauty and great wyśnięcia committed, above all people who ever reached, they confirmed the story as true heroes gadarnmewn American.

Katherine G. amazing story of Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan Mary Jackson - the largest African-American womenworking at NASA, which serves as the brains behind one of the biggest transactions in history: astronomer johnâ Glenna launch orbit, was a great success, which will restore the confidence of people, turned the space race, and galwanizował world. Three of the seer crosses all gender and ethnicity, cenedlaethaui inspire big dreams.