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The Circle 2017

The lands dream job in women’s strong technology company called Circle, only to uncover a terrifying agenda that will affect the lives of friends, family and humanity. If Mae hired to work in social media and technology company’s largest and most powerful in the world, iamelihat this as an opportunity for life. When he climbed the career ladder, it is inspired by the company’s founder, Eamon Bailey, take part in an innovative experimentincluding ethics and push the boundaries of personal freedom rahunkuyae end. He took part in the experiment, ANDEVERY decisions he began to affect the lives and futures of friends, family and humanity.

BrideWritten and director Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy, a young woman named Anastasia accompany his girlfriend home to meet his family. Spend their time in their home, she began pomichatyzhahlyvekehadiran and began to question his decision to come.


Classification: NA

Total Release Date May 4, 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Time: Not available

Distributor: RAM Entertainment

Starring: Victoria Ahalakova Vyacheslav Chepurchenko, Alexandra son Igor Khrypunov NataliaHrinshpun

Director: Svetoslav Podgayevskiy

Format: 2D