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Born in China 2016

This was reported by John Krasinski on (“13 hours: Benghazi soldiers secret,” NBC “The Office”, “Amazon” Jack Ryan “), True Life Adventures in the new film” Born in China “in an epic journey takes China into the jungle of people , Where they risked batzukinoiz GeschichtenVon three after the family of animals, the film suffersViewers in extreme conditions on Earth intimate moments ever recorded on the tapes of any experience with nature. Doping the Pandabar mother carries her child to grow until she begins to explore and strive for independence. Two-year-old gold schnauzer monkey monkey,Who feels brought to his new sister, a group of outspoken elkartzenBaztertutako. Snow Leopard and mother - an elusive animal caught on camera by several individuals, real AnhebungIhre drama on two boys. This is one of the most difficult and most unforgiving conditions. Stunning, unprecedentedVisual language of the film with the participation of China’s vast land to navigate - steep mountains …