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The Case for Christ 2017

Investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist seeks to disprove the existence of God after her husband became a Christian. Based on the true story of the award-winning investigative journalist - and recognized Atheist - referring to his journalistic poboljšatii legal kapasidadupang kill her newborn Christian faith in unexpected, life-changing.

Hard disk journalist Lee Strobel is where he is supposed to work:on top. His award-winning investigative journalism naposledakmu pobedapromocija legal editor of the Chicago Tribune. But things did not go halossa home, where his wife Leslies emerging faith in Christ is against everything you think - or believed - as sworn atheist.
The Case for Christ 2017
With his journalistic and legal education, Li begins potraguda reject the claim of Christianity to save their collapsing marriage. chasing pinakamalakingangstory of his career, Li face the unexpected results that can change everything he knows Abad honest.
The Case for Christ 2017