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At KeyPoint we work with property owners and developers to create projects with high efficiencies to reduce development and construction risk. If you are a residential or commercial building contractor you may be interested in co–developing land or securing developed land for ongoing construction development.

Successful development approval has become more unpredictable; more specialised and it takes longer for DA compliance, leaving the supply of new projects problematic for a builder who may rely upon a constant stream of development in their sales pipeline.

We use our unique programs to effectively package and customise projects with property owners from concept, providing development approval, acquisition and development lending, pre-sales (off-shore and on-shore) as well as development project management and marketing and sales.

This allows you to partner with KeyPoint  leaving you to do what you are best at and what we do everyday.

You may even consider property development using our unique Joint Venture Syndicates Eta One Program.

Alternatively we can assist you to develop your own property using our Alpha One Program or partner you with other property owners / vendors.

If you wish to explore further collaboration opportunities please register your expression of interest for upcoming projects.