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Don’t pay rent in cluster business developments

At KeyPoint  we can engage with a complementary innovative business to develop sites such as offices, health care, retail etc. improve work place satisfaction and customer convenience. We have templates for each agreement.

As business owners we always need to find new solutions as our businesses are continually challenged: from competitors, evolving consumer habits and buyers looking for integration of associated and trusted services which are centralised to provide a more convenient location.

Doctors / Dentists /Naturopaths , combined with chemists and allied health specialists, shopping strips, accountants combined with legal practitioners. Major benefits can emerge by collaboration with complementary businesses to enhance customer experience and result in enhanced customer satisfaction which in turn builds referrals and customer loyalty.

If you operate a business and you need to create improved customer service to generate market share and have like minded associate businesses, we can do all the work from acquisition and investment to the completion of a brand new business you own possibly for around the same cost as you are currently paying in rent.


  • You gather together collaborative businesses that can benefit from increased turnover by the creation of a cluster site.
  • We search for prominent sites, conduct feasibility due diligence reports, engage with Joint Venture Partnerships and funders providing business operators the choice of ownership or lease.
  • All you need to do is register Expression of interest for upcoming projects is to click here