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We are seeking people from your community, who are passionate about Australian real estate development, to assist with-

  1. Scouting for real estate that may have development potential.
  2. Establishing real estate purchasing syndicates.
  3. Forming part of the KeyPoint project management team in your area.
  4. Assisting in establishing KeyPoint franchises.


Champions are trained and experienced in the various KeyPoint programs. Many are mature aged professional and experts in their chosen profession with years of experience. Many KeyPoint Corporate Champions can provide  mentor support to first time developers working within the KeyPoint business systems.

If you are passionate about property development and exploring new ways to enhance your local community environ we want to talk to you today about becoming a KeyPoint Corporate Champion.

At KeyPoint we are committed to delivering  our Unique Business Systems to a variety of small business using best practices. We are committed to a policy of age non-discrimination by contracting / hiring / training mature age staff. A Corporate Champion’s program has been professionally developed by the Australian Department of Employment that the KeyPoint employment policy aligns closely with.

Have you had experience in the real-estate property development industries?


At KeyPoint we have a growing need across Australia to assist matching professional specialists with property owners, developers and purchasers who have committed to our unique business systems to more effectively and efficiently control risk to better develop property.

You may also be interested in becoming a Corporate Mentor and be a valuable resource to owners / developers who may not have a particular specialised skill set, experience, knowledge or time to action critical milestones within our defined programs, to ensure program compliance.

Communities may require your assistance with needy projects.

If you are experienced in the industry as, Statutory Town Planner, Civil Engineer, Architect, Property Valuer, Quantity Surveyor, Business & Site Project Manager, Property Sales & Marketing [On & Off Shore], Franchise development please introduce yourself to us for further discussion by clicking here.


  • To engage with local community.
  • To introduce to Key Point owners of property with development potential.
  • To introduce local business who wish to collaborate with KeyPoint to develop property in their communities.
  • To assist KeyPoint in sourcing local property intelligence to assist with project feasibility reports.
  • To act as KeyPoint representative to assist in liaising project management services for local projects.
  • To assist mobilisation of KeyPoint clients’ development business plan.

Grey nomads and grey entrepreneurs - generally you set your own working hours, and you are paid as a subcontractor at an agreed schedule of rates.

This is a great opportunity to keep active with greater work-life independence and supplement your income.