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At KeyPoint, we assist parents, where possible,, to sell the air space above their homes to children, with a separate title,and immediately creating equity in the property. Generally separate entrances and garages are designed with consideration also for a granny flat. STCA to accommodate three generations each with independent private spaces.

Our specialised programs are available to assist multi development family accommodation. With the significant growth in inner-city property prices, the increase in aged care and costly child care some families are becoming more self sufficient by using clever architectural design to accommodate intergenerational housing e.g. three generations living at the same address.


Where the design permits we assist families who can sell or lease the air space above their homes, or rear yard to their children, with a separate title that creates immediate equity for children to borrow funds to construct accommodation above the family home. Generally separate entrances, private open spaces and garages are designed with consideration also to accommodate a granny flat to the rear yard of the premises STCA, providing three generations with independent private living. The designs  also enable rentable spaces in the event the homes are sold separately or as a single lot to another family.

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