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At KeyPoint we have used our 30-year industry knowledge, experience and networks to develop and implement tried business systems that pre-stress tests development potential of real-estate projects before they are  KeyPoint certified.

Development Projects are first reviewed using our forensic 12 Step Program. The review will identify projects as either unsuitable sites for development or have an unacceptably high risk of a low return.

As real-estate strategists we work with property owners and purchasers to selectively scrutinise and advance only viable projects using best practice and risk mitigation strategies.

By the time the most successful properties are prepared, development and construction risks have already been identified with appropriate risk mitigation strategies created using the Eta One Business Plan.

Risk is managed because we control each step of development with best practices including:

  1. Project intelligence and feasibility reports
  2. Business development planning
  3. Acquisition negotiation and funding
  4. Town Planning Development Approval
  5. Marketing and pre-sales (On-Shore & Off-Shore)
  6. Development funding with exit strategies
  7. Project management
  8. Funding Approval compliance (Loan Agreement & Development Approval)
  9. Sales Contract management


Because we have examined the critical elements of each project we can *guarantee all stakeholders that the project can be managed to completion, the risk of the project falling into distress can be mitigated even if an event of default occurs by the borrowers.

If you would like to be introduced to project owners who are seeking debt or equity funding for projects that have been KeyPoint certified you can submit your expression of interest for upcoming projects by clicking here.