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What We Do in a Nutshell

  • We source suitable property with development potential, rigorously RISK test its feasibility, create UNIQUE business plans and arrange to on sell packaged KeyPoint certified projects to developers and purchasers who have limited property development experience.
  • Opportunities are available to work with your syndicate or join a new group of like-minded investors in order to purchase pre KeyPoint certified projects.
  • We  manage the complete project from start to finish including taking care of town planning, funding, sales & marketing for syndicates, for investors and clients who have little property development experience .
  • We are buyers’ advocates for on and off shore investor syndicates interested in purchasing KeyPoint certified projects. We also create investment syndicates.

Real Estate Industry

The property industry has almost doubled its contribution to Australian GDP in the last decade and is now the economy’s largest footprint, according to new research from the AEC Group.

The property industry’s share of GDP rose to $182.5 billion in 2013-14 – the highest of any industry in the country, revealed by research commissioned by the Property Council of Australia.

There continues to be a rapidly growing demand for a range of real estate; civil, residential, commercial and architectural projects to accommodate the Australian population growth currently totalling 23.8 million people and projected to double over the next generation (42 years).


Unique KeyPoint Programs

  • Property development is an important element of the Australian economy with many Australians, and others beyond our shores,  building significant wealth.
  •  KeyPoint Business Centres provide a one stop shop for property owners, property developers (sophisticated and first time developers) purchasers and investors to work collaboratively in the ethical development of real estate throughout Australia.
  • Talk to one of our consultants about the benefits of our unique programso. Each program has been customised to service the particular needs of each client.

The Risk to Good Projects from Third Party Appeal Rights

KeyPoint supports and promotes sustainable and sensitive neighbourhood development and has an efficient process of engagement of council neighbours and community early in the design process prior to advancing Town Planning applications.

KeyPoint property reports identify successful projects, however some successful and profitable projects can be stopped in its tracts by unforeseen and unnecessary appeals from aggrieved neighbours and sometimes councils. Objectors (sometimes professional motivated by others or self-interest) size up their opponents prior to the decision to pursue Appeals.

Once projects are referred to the courts by Council for ratification the project can live or die on a single jurisdictional ruling. Professional preparation in advance is the key with proper supporting evidence in support of the project. Any applicant Pursuing such action against a KeyPoint project understands that significant resources and experience can be marshalled in defence to such challenges.

At KeyPoint each property report is prepared to strict standards assuming that the project application may be challenged at some point. KeyPoint uses professional reports, economists and statutory planning and legal representation to provide KeyPoint clients the best chance of success when such risks appear.

# Key Point Programs Program Name
1 Purchaser of Development Property Alpha One
2 Vendors of Development Property Beta One
3 Buildering Contractors Gamma One
4 Business Owners Delta One
5 Project Management Epsilon One
6 Local Economic Development Partnerships Zeta One
7 Joint Venture Syndicates Eta One
8 Property Sales On & Off-Shore Nu One
9 Special Occupancy Use Home owners Omicron One
10 Investors and Lenders Omega One
11 Property Sales In Australia Theta One
12 Property Developers Iota One
13 Corporate Champion Mentor Program Kappa One
14 Distressed Projects Tau One