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At KeyPoint Ventures we have a diverse array of experienced development and construction professionals who work within the KeyPoint programs using forensic international standards to manage risk, delivering projects on time and on budget. We create real estate projects with Property Owners/Developers from concept to creation using our Unique Business Systems that have been developed using over 30 years experience and delivered to the industry using experienced professionals including Statutory Town Planers, Civil Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, Architects, Project Managers and Sales and Marketing (on and off-shore).

When your next project needs professional project management we already have all the resources in the Epsilon One Program, delivered with experienced professionals that provide a seamless process to efficiently complete a range of commercial and residential projects.

 KeyPoint Building Services.

Builder’s Business Package

KeyPoint providing services to Building Practitioners makes good sense; when a builder is professionally supported, resourced and well organized, our clients’ interests are better served under our design and construct, open book arrangements.

Many builders are superb craftsmen but avoid the important back of office management, sometimes delegating important and urgent work to their reluctant partner who is generally balancing other commitments such as family.


Many Building Company failures do not occur because practitioners are poor builders but because they are poor business managers, have poor administration practices which lead to unacceptable business risk. The basic understanding of the relationship of fixed and variable costs, the accurate estimating of projects, cost control processes and business risk mitigation are critical management principles that require constant management.


KeyPoint Building Services provides an integrated administration management service customized to better resource Residential Builders by: –

  • Keeping your fixed office and supervision overhead costs down. [Turns a fixed cost into a variable cost]
  • Making your business more cost competitive,
  • Managing Contract risk to grow your business.
  • Allowing you to do what you have been trained to do best and that is manage the BUILDING THINGS.
  • Offering a perfect way to grow your business without taking on more debt and risk.
  • Managing the inevitable financial implications as the construction industry moves through cycles of boom and bust.
  • Management of fair Building Contracts that do no cause unnecessary risk to the Builder such as unrealistic completion times, inclement weather, industrial disruption, client design documentation errors, adjoining neighbours and boundary issues and WH&S [OH&S] risk.


KeyPoint-Your Virtual Office Manager

The “back of office” activities of any business are the engine room of a successful business, this is what KeyPoint does best: –

  • Marketing and sales, KeyPoint has clients with shovel ready projects generally ready to go, for well-organized and KeyPoint certified builders.
  • Professionally estimating service using Bill of Quantity reports, cost tracking platforms, recommended sub-contractor and suppliers, for your review.
  • Sub-contractor agreements and management systems. Office Administration including: –
  • Debtors Control - Payment of all subcontractors and suppliers within agreed trading terms.
  • Creditor Control – Management of funders progressive claims.
  • Banking and statement recondition.
  • GST BAS reconciliation.
  • Project Cost control & real-time reporting and completed project reconciliation reports.
  • Contract Administration. Building Contract and sub-Contract management.
  • WH&S [OH&S] management. Provide and implement safety management systems, plans and SWMS to effectively implement safety in the workplace.