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At KeyPoint property owners and vendors are exploring ways to sell their property for a predetermined and fair price.

Developers have a similar need to purchase development property with Development Approval and shovel ready or acquisition of property that have a high likelihood of Town Planning Consent with controllable development risk.

Our unique 12 Step Program aligns the needs and wants of both Vendor and Purchaser and significantly drives purchase risk down for the Purchaser –Developer whilst retaining a fair profit –risk outcome for acquisition.

The benefits to Developers are as follows-

  • Only successful risk interrogated projects are KeyPoint certified with due diligent reports and development business plans.
  • Developments can be available as, prior to Development Approval, and, shovel ready projects.
  • Projects come with Acquisition & Development Funding ready applications.
  • Pre-sales strategies (on and / or off shore purchasers) comes with marketing Sales Plan.
  • Projects are professionally  managed to minimise project & lender risk.
  • Developers are able to more efficiently turn over more projects because we do all the work with experienced professionals and with a program backed by 30 years experience and knowledge.

Off-Shore Developers are also welcomed to the Lota One Program.