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Licensed real estate agents are an important and integral part of the property market and generally are considered to act firstly in the best interest of their vendors.

Our unique 14 programs can dove tail into your service delivery processes to not only improve your client’s outcome but also assist efficiencies in your business.

A common interest with your vendors is to sell their property at a reasonable price in the shortest possible time.



  • We work with property owners and their agents to develop projects for sophisticated investors or purchasers who have limited experience.
  • We rigorously test feasibility of projects and manage every step to completion including town planning, funding and sales.
  • We also engage with private on and off shore investor syndicates who are seeking shovel ready KeyPoint certified projects.


At KeyPoint we are a valuable partner for any real estate agency who sells property that has development potential.

  • We bring experience, knowledge and resources to your clients to improve their selling experience and financial outcome hand in hand with your staff.
  • We bring qualified buyers to your door as we act as a buyer’s advocate for builders, investment syndicates, developers, first time developers who are willing to pay a fair price for bona fide property without the development uncertainty and advertising puffery.
  • We develop relationships with national and off shore purchasers for your clients benefit.
  • We work with you and your vendor to repackage the sale with reasonably priced quick turnaround property and feasibility reports that can support a fair asking price for property calculated on end value after the application of a fair risk return consideration.
  • Too often uninformed vendors run the risk of selling their property for less than its true value or not selling due to an asking price that is too high, causing the property to linger as distressed with exposure to inevitable market expectations of significant sale price discounting. This is not in the best interest of agent or vendor.

At KeyPoint our Beta One program has been particularly designed to assist property owners to professionally prepare their property for sale by calculating a reasonable asking price calculated on end value that can be supported at point of sale.

Property owners have access to an alternative by electing to fully or partly develop their own property, hand in hand with the KeyPoint team to further support an increase in the asking price.

Your  agreed sales commissions are preserved and in fact when the property is developed your office becomes the preferred agent for on selling the subdivided property.

We also educate your clients in the art of property development.